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Room template for Humanities subjects

To help you get started with AGORA, we have created a modular room template. You can use this to create a room and get to know the most important AGORA functions as well as to adapt the "construction kit" of the template for your course.


Create a room using the room template


Please create a new room first and then select the room "Room template for GW subjects" with the room ID: 12551803 in the creation menu under "Template". Detailed instructions can be found in the tutorial linked here in the second paragraph.

Tip: If you are logging into AGORA for the first time, you can find helpful tips in our "First steps" tutorial.

Note: If you would like to use personal workspaces to provide students with protected feedback or, for example, to conduct a take-home exam, please activate them at this point or subsequently according to these instructions. When creating personal rooms, we recommend selecting "No template" or the "Standard template" to keep them clear (see Fig. 1).

Select the room template in the menu

Fig. 1: Select the room template in the menu



The contents of the room template


In the room you will find numerous example and explanation entries. Edit them to adapt them to your needs. You will find the following entries created:

  • In the material section, two entries contain important resources and assistance for both teachers and students to help them get off to a good start in digital teaching. Furthermore, you will find help for "First steps" in PDF form in English and German.
  • In the same section, you will find "containers" for the individual sessions, in which you can upload material to be processed or important information, for example. They are named according to the consecutive session numbers.
  • In the discussion section there are two examples of a branched discussion. For more information on this topic, see the scenario "Designing digital teaching discursively".
  • In the group rubric, there is an exemplary tutorial group with associated room.
  • In the announcement rubric, you will find two example entries prominently displayed on the entry page of the room below the UHH logo. Feel free to change the text here to communicate important, semester-long information such as office hours or zoom links, or to display recent changes.
  • In the schedule section, you will find weekly sample schedules that you can modify to fit your event dates. It's best to apply the changes using the "Save for all dates in the series" button so you don't have to adjust each date individually.

Fig. 2: Adjustment of the dates in the semester

Tip: In order to keep the room clear, you can also completely remove entries that are not required at any time - this primarily concerns the documents for instructors, which may be less interesting from a student's point of view, as well as the announcements.