e-platform for the Faculty of Humanities



5. Extensions

This menu allows you to adjust the settings of two useful room extensions:


If you check the box to activate the assessment function, users will be able to give a star rating to others’ entries (e.g., contributions to a discussion). They can rate entries with up to 5 stars to mark their quality, for example.


This function can be useful if you teach a seminar, for example, and your students regularly have to write short contributions about specific topics. The star rating can provide them with useful feedback.


Workflow settings

Workflow support is an additional setting for the “Materials” rubric. You can find it in the list of material entries and on the top right of each individual material entry.

To change the status of a material entry, open it and edit the “Workflow” section (Fig. 3). Select a status and save your changes.

If the “Resubmission” function has been activated in the settings, you can set a resubmission date. In addition, you can have a notification sent to the creator or all modifiers (and additional recipients) once the date has passed. The “Validity date” setting offers the same options.

Finally, you can adjust the “Reader view” setting (Fig. 3). If you activate it for your room, it will also be displayed in the “Workflow” section of each material entry. This setting allows room members to mark individual entries (homework assignments, for example) as “read.” Select “Users” unless you specifically want to know the reader status of group members. We recommend that you check “Reader view only for moderators.” Otherwise, all room members will be able to see who has read which entry.

Fig. 3: Workflow section of a material entry (status and reader view)