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3. Additional

The “Additional” menu contains a whole range of options for optimizing your room and adding interesting functions.

Structural auxiliaries

Use this setting to activate or deactivate the structural auxiliaries “tags” and “categories” in your room rubrics. The tutorial “Structuring room contents” contains further information about these structural auxiliaries.
In the same section, you can specify to what extent room members can edit the calendar.



By default, tasks in the “Tasks” rubric have 1 of 3 different progress statuses: “pending,” “in progress,” or “done.” You can use this section of the additional configuration settings to define additional statuses to add to your tasks.


RSS feed

If you activate this option, members of your room will be able to subscribe to room updates via RSS. The option is deactivated by default.



The “Template” setting allows you to save your room as a template. This is especially useful if you teach seminars that use the same or very similar materials every time. Instead of uploading these materials again and again for each seminar, check the box to make the existing room available as a template and use it when you open a new room. The dropdown menu labeled “Target group” allows you to specify who can use your template: all CommSy users, all members of the current room, or only you (and any other room moderators). If you add a description of your template, others will be able to see it when selecting a template.


Tip: More details and useful tips about this topic are available in the tutorial entitled “Reusing content.” 


Archive room

Archived rooms remain accessible. Users can still view their content, but they can no longer edit or add anything. If you created a project room for a seminar in a previous semester and do not anticipate (or want) its members to change the content any further, you can archive the room.


Terms and conditions

You can set your own terms and conditions for your room. Prospective members will have to accept them before they can use the room. Set the status to “Yes” and enter text to use this function.