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2. User IDs

In the second tab of the workspace settings, you can see the User IDs of all members, with access to various settings. The focal point of the User ID settings is the drop-down menu at the bottom of the settings window. Here you will find the options "Delete account ", "Approve or unlock account" and "Lock account", and you can change the status of a user to moderator, and vice versa. You can also designate a user to be the contact person, i.e. their name will appear next to the door icon on the basic info page of your workspace, and they will be the official contact person.

To specify the User ID you want to make the change for, it is important to put a tick in the box next to the correct User ID before selecting an option from the drop-down menu. You can select multiple User IDs at the same time.

Example: You want to make a tutor a workspace moderator, so they can change workspacesettings. Call up workspace settings, click on the tab "User ID" and locate the corresponding User ID, putting a tick in the box next to it. Now, from the drop-down menu below, select "Change status: moderator", and then click "Apply". As an option, you can then send an automatically generated e-mail, informing the member of the status change. This e-mail window opens automatically.

When you delete a User ID, the member can no longer enter the workspace and the User ID is no longer displayed in the list. When you lock a User ID, the User ID is still displayed in the list, but the status changes to "locked". This action can be easily undone, if you only want to temporarily withhold workspace membership. The option "Approve or unlock account" is used to activate workspace membership requests.