e-platform for the Faculty of Humanities



1. General

The “General” menu allows you to adjust some important settings immediately after creating your room. This includes the room title, language, membership in community rooms, and room description. You can also set the access check and room rubrics here. The following section will explain these options.


Access check

Specify whether you wish to check all membership requests manually (“Always"), give all users access automatically (“Deactivate”), or set a membership code (“Code”).

If you choose “Always” (set by default), you will receive an email whenever a user requests to enter your room. Clicking the link in the email will approve their request.

The option “Code” is recommended for courses with many participants. If you choose this option, you will be asked to enter a code of your choice in the text field. Share this code with your students at the beginning of a course so that they can access your room independently.

If you choose “Deactivate,” anyone will be able to access the room without a membership check or code. This setting is not recommended. Only use it in exceptional cases.

Tip: Setting a membership code is especially useful for courses with many participants. With the “Always” option, you have to approve all prospective members manually.

Rubric selection

This menu also contains the rubric settings. You can change the order of the rubrics by using drag and drop to rearrange them.

Each rubric has a dropdown menu. “Show” means that the rubric will be displayed in the rubric bar and on the homepage. “Hide” means that entries in this rubric will not be displayed on the homepage. “Off” means that the rubric will not be available in the CommSy room.

Tip: Turn the “User” rubric off to prevent the feed on the homepage from listing new room users, for example. You must save the room settings (bottom of the page) after changing them.