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4. Categories

Categories help you subdivide and structure the content entries of a room. Unlike tags, categories can be sorted hierarchically over multiple levels.

This allows you to create a table of contents for your CommSy room. There is no overview of how often a category has been used. In the info column on the right, they are displayed as a tree diagram rather than a cloud (Fig. 7).

Like the tag cloud, the category tree contains links. Click a category in the tree to see a list of all entries in the category.

Tip: You can make it mandatory for all new entries in your room to be assigned a category. This function is useful if you have created a category structure for your room and want your room members to use it. It ensures that all content is clearly structured. You can activate this requirement in the room settings.

Creating and editing categories


Fig. 10: Category tree

Follow these steps to create and edit categories:

  1. On the homepage of your room, click the stylized pencil symbol (edit symbol) next to “Categories” on the right side (Fig. 10). The category editor opens. You have various options here (Fig. 11).
  2. To create a new category, enter the category title into the field in the top section and click “Create new category..
  3. To rename a category, click “Edit” to the right of the category title in the middle section. Now, enter the new title in the field in the top (!) section. Click “Update category” to save your changes. The new title will be updated everywhere.
  4. To delete a category, click the red button next to it.


If you want to add a new content entry to an existing category, scroll to the corresponding section further down.

Fig. 11: Editing categories


Sorting and structuring categories

You can change the order of your categories by using drag and drop. If you want to create a hierarchy (one category becomes part of another), move the subordinate category a little to the right and release (Fig. 12). 

Fig 12: Sorting with drag and drop


Combining categories

Two or more related categories can be combined into one, just like tags.

  1. In the bottom section of the category editor, entitled “Combine categories,” select two categories to merge from the dropdown menus.
  2. Now, click “Combine.” The title of the new category will be composed of the names of both original categories, separated by a forward slash.

If you want to add another category to the two you have already merged, simply repeat the process.

Assigning categories

To assign a category to an entry, open the entry and edit the “Linked entries” section. The edit symbol appears when you hover your mouse over the right side of this section. Open the second tab, “Categories,, and check all categories you wish to assign to the entry.