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3. Tags

Tags can help you structure entries in the various rubrics of a project room. You can assign one or more tags to any entry. The tags used in a room are shown on the right side of every rubric (Fig. 6). Tags cannot be used to structure content hierarchically. To do this, use the structural auxiliary “categories” (see Chapter 4).

Tags function as links: When you click a tag, you see a list of all entries that have been assigned this tag.

Fig. 6: Tags on the right side of the rubrics


1. Creating, editing, and deleting tags

Creating a new tag: Open any rubric in the room. On the right side, click the edit symbol next to the word “Tags” (Fig. 6). The tag editor opens (Fig. 7). To create a new tag, enter a name for the tag and click “Create new hashtag.” Alternatively, you can add new tags to entries directly (see below).

Editing tags: Select a tag from the list to the right of the input field. The editor view changes (Fig. 8). You can enter a new name for the tag and save it by clicking “Update hashtag.”

Fig. 7: Tag menu

Combining tags: Select two different tags from the two dropdown menus in the second menu, “Combining hashtags.” When you click “Combine,” the two tags will be merged. The new tag will initially contain both names, separated with a forward slash. To edit the name of the new tag, use the first menu again. If you want to combine more than two tags, repeat the process by combining the newly merged word with another.

Fig. 8: Updating or deleting tags

Deleting tags: Select a tag from the list to the right of the input field. Click the button labeled “Delete hashtag.” All links to this tag will be deleted permanently.

2. Tagging an entry

To assign tags to an entry, open the entry and navigate to the section titled “Linked entries.” Click the edit symbol on the right side and open the third tab, “Tags” (Fig. 9). Make a checkmark in the boxes next to the tags you want to use for your entry, then click “Save.”

You can also create new tags here; they will automatically be added to the room’s tag list. Important: When you enter a new tag name, remember to click “Add hashtag” before clicking “Save.”

Fig. 9: Tagging entries with new or existing tags