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Structuring room content

This tutorial explains 5 methods for clearly structuring the contents of a room.

  • The easiest way is to use linked entries. You can find these underneath each material entry. Simply link all entries with related content.
  • Sections, which allow subdivision of material entries into multiple parts, are especially popular among our users. You can use sections to structure existing material entries more clearly. This automatically generates a table of contents. You can attach files to each individual section.
  • Another way of structuring or linking entries in CommSy is to group them into categories or assign tags. Tags are shown on the entry page itself and on the homepage of your room.

Note: Room moderators can activate categories and tags in the “Additional” section of the room settings. The activated structuring auxiliaries will be shown on the right side of all rubrics (“Materials,” “Discussions,” and so on). The chapters in this tutorial explain how you can customize these structural auxiliaries.