e-platform for the Faculty of Humanities



1. New material entry

Use the function “New entry” in the “Choose action” menu on the right side of the editing bar to add new materials in different formats. CommSy supports almost all file formats. The only restriction is size. Individual files must not exceed 48 MB.

To add a new material entry, click “New entry” in the “Choose action” menu of the “Materials” rubric. A new page opens.

Fig. 2: “New entry”


Give your entry a name (“Insert title”) and click “Create entry.”

Tip: To add more information to your entry, you can provide bibliographical references. To do this, select the appropriate entry from the dropdown menu titled “Bibl. reference” and complete the additional fields.

Fig. 3: “Insert title”

If you want to provide a more detailed description, click the “Edit” symbol next to the “Description” section. To upload files, click the same symbol next to “Attached files.”

Fig. 4: “Attached files” section.

An upload section opens. You can use it to upload files and attach them to your entry. CommSy Version 9 allows you to drag and drop files into the marked section as an alternative to using the classic file selection dialog. You can also select multiple files at once.

Fig. 5: “Edit files” section


If your file has been added correctly, the file name will be displayed with a checkmark. Repeat the previous step if you want to add more files. If you add multiple files separately, they will be shown in alphabetical order, each with a checkmark. If you accidentally choose a wrong file or change your mind about uploading a file, click the checkmark to remove the file. Files without a checkmark will not be uploaded. They will be deleted when you save your changes. Click “Save” to add the files to your material entry.

Tip: The tutorial “Inserting media” explains how to insert files and media directly into your text.

Fig. 6: Successfully attached files