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Setting up a Wiki

The workspace wiki is an environment similar to Wikipedia, in which users can collect, share, and edit content on a website destinct from AGORA. Each AGORA workspace can be assigned to a single wiki by the workspace moderator(s). Now MediaWiki is in usage (the precedessor is PMWiki).

Note: At the moment, the wiki is available exclusively for members of the assigned AGORA workspace. In contrast to it's predecessor, this wiki can not be entered from outside the workspace, e.g. by typing the URL. It currently remains unclear whether or not the wiki will be published later. 

In this tutorial, you will find various information on setting up a wiki with the most important first steps. A more detailled guide on MediWiki's broad functionality can be found directly in the wiki or here:

Note: Please note: This tutorial is not completely up to date. Please refer to the MediaWiki support or contact the AGORA team.