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1. Creating workspace templates

Room templates are especially useful for classes that have similar content each semester, such as introductory lectures. The template function allows you to copy entire rooms rather than individual entries.

Once you have created a room template, you can select it when creating a new project room later. All content and settings of the existing room will be copied to the new room, with the exception of personal data.


Creating a room template

Enter the project room you want to use as a template. Open the settings. Click the third menu point "Additional"; Scroll down to the "Template" section.

Check the box next to "Provide this workspace as a template for new workspaces" (Fig. 1). Now, choose your "target group" from the dropdown menu below. This specifies who can use your template: only you (the moderator of the "old"room), all users of the room, or all users of CommSy.

Fig. 1: Make room available as template
You can enter a description in the text field to help you remember the content of the template later.


Creating a new room from a template

Once you have saved your template, you can use it when creating a new project room. To do this, select the name of the template from the dropdown menu (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2: Creating a new room and selecting a template

Project rooms created from a template have exactly the same functions as any other project room. You can add new content and edit/delete existing content as usual.

Note: If you create links within the room template (e.g. refer to a material entry in the "Welcome" header), these links will not be adapted in the rooms created on the basis of this template. Links within a project room refer exclusively to the original room. This is only the case for references within the room; external links and references are adopted without any problems.

Note: When you duplicate a room that has a membership code, this setting will not be copied. Here you have to generate a code again so that the students can have access to the room.