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Project room settings

This tutorial provides an overview of the various settings you can adjust for your project room. The settings menu is divided into sections. Each section allows you to modify a specific aspect of your room, such as its appearance, general settings, rubrics, structural auxiliaries, and access checks. You can also add extensions (such as the Wiki) or change the terms and conditions of your room here.

The following chapters describe the individual sections in detail.


Fig. 1: Settings

Accessing the room settings

Only the creator and moderator(s) of a project room can configure its settings. CommSy gives moderators various options for adjusting their rooms to their own needs and those of the group. You can find the “Settings” button next to the wrench symbol in the rubric bar (highlighted in Fig. 1).

Note: The “Settings” page is available to room moderators only. Other users cannot see the corresponding button in the menu bar.



The red button for deleting your room is the last of the 7 options listed in the settings menu. Keep in mind that deletion is permanent. All room data will be irretrievably lost. Confirm the process if you wish to delete your room.

Fig. 2: Settings and “Delete”