e-platform for the Faculty of Humanities



3. Workspace membership

Once you have logged into CommSy, you can join project and community workspaces.

1. Select a workspace from the “Workspaces” page. If you cannot find a specific workspace or have not joined any workspaces yet (i.e., your list of workspaces is empty), use the workspace search in the box on the right. (Consult the FAQ for more details about the workspace search.)

2. Click a workspace on the list. You will be taken to the entry page of the workspace.


Tip: The door symbol indicates your membership status. A closed door means that you are not a member of the workspace. You need to apply for membership before you can enter (see instructions below). An open door means that you are a member of the workspace or that the workspace is accessible to the public. If the door is open, simply click it to enter the workspace.

Fig. 3: The workspace description page


3. Click “Apply for membership”. You will be asked to supply a membership code or a reason for membership, depending on the settings selected by the workspace moderator.

Reason for membership
Specify why you wish to become a member of the workspace. For example: “I am a participant of the seminar XY.” The moderator of the workspace receives automatic notification when you submit your reason. They will unlock the workspace for you. You will receive email notification when your membership application has been approved and you can use all functions of the workspace.

Membership code
Enter your membership code. If the code is valid, you will be able to enter the workspace immediately.
The code is often announced during the first session of a class. If you do not know the code, ask the workspace moderators.