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Adding materials

You can add materials to CommSy for your personal use or share them with other members of a lecture, seminar, or research group. You can do this

You can also add materials to different rubrics. This tutorial demonstrates how to add materials to the “Materials” rubric. As its name suggests, the purpose of this rubric is to make materials available for use. The process is similar for all other rubrics. Existing materials are displayed as a list in the rubric (Fig. 1). By default, they are sorted according to their date of creation. To sort the list by title, creator, or modifier, open the dropdown menu labeled “Sort list” and choose the corresponding item. 

Tip: Material can as well be uploaded in task entries. In addition to the material entries' functionalities, task entries offer the possibility to assign users and to indicate the working progress.

 Fig. 1: “Materials” rubric—overview and sorting