e-platform for the Faculty of Humanities



3. Room Membership

If you are logged in to AGORA, you can become a participant in project and community spaces on the platform.

1. Select a room from the "List of all rooms". If you cannot find a room or are not yet a participant in rooms (i.e. your room list is empty), use the room search in the middle of the page. → more about the room search

2. Click on the "Apply for membership" link below the room you want to join. You will be prompted to enter either a participation code or a participation reason - depending on how the moderator of that room has set the participation preferences.


Participation reason

Indicate why you want to participate in the room (such as "I am a participant in seminar XY") and submit the note. The moderator of the room will be notified automatically and will then activate you for the room. After activation you will receive a notification by e-mail and can use all offers in the room.


Participation code

Enter the participation code. If you enter it correctly, you will be let into the room immediately. 

Tip: The code for registration is often announced in the first session of a course. If you do not know the code, ask the room moderator.