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Why can't I log in?

Tip: If you have problems logging in, you have probably selected the wrong login source.

If you are using your uni username, leave the login source set to “Uni Hamburg.” If you are still using an old CommSy username, you need to change the login source to “CommSy” before every login.

Is the problem still occurring? The password for your uni username may be too long. To log in to CommSy, the password must not exceed 20 characters. If it does, visit the account administration portal to change your password.

Is the problem still occurring? If you have entered the correct username and password and selected the right source but still cannot log in, we recommend that you empty your browser cache and delete the CommSy cookie.

If this does not solve the problem either, update your browser and restart it.If you still cannot log in, email the CommSy team. Include your name and username in your email. You can also attach a screenshot of the problem. Never disclose your password!