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I received an email telling me that my username is about to be deleted. Why?

CommSy usernames that have been inactive for a long time are automatically deleted after a while. This measure ensures greater data protection and a lighter load on the servers. Affected users receive a notification email 30 days before their account is scheduled to be deleted. They receive another notification immediately before the deletion.

If you no longer need the associated username, you do not need to do anything. After the 30-day period, your username will be deleted automatically.

If you still wish to use the username, log in to CommSy during the specified period. This will reactivate your username and stop the deletion process. If you cannot remember your password, click here.

Tip: Have you received the email even though you are currently active in CommSy? This means that you are using a different username than the one that is scheduled for deletion. Only usernames that have been inactive for a very long time are deleted automatically. If you have any questions about your existing usernames, contact