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How do I open a new project room?

Log in to CommSy. On the right side of the CommSy platform, click “Create new room.”

If you are currently inside one of your rooms, first click the “Portal” link in the blue breadcrumb navigation underneath the CommSy bar. Alternatively, you can click the CommSy logo (upper left, on a red background).
Click “Create new room” on the right side. 

You will be taken to a page containing a form. Enter a title and adjust the “Language” setting to choose whether you want a German or English interface for your room.

All other information is optional. It is intended for better user orientation. We recommend that you complete the fields labeled “Semester” and “Description.”

Tip: The “Template” field is a special feature. Select it to open a room that already has some content. In addition to the standard template, you can select templates from the ABK.

Click the “Save” button at the end of the page. Your new project room will be set up and opened immediately. You are the moderator of this room. You can start to work with it right away by posting content, approving members, changing the room settings, etc.

Tip: For further information see the tutorial "Create a new project room".