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How do I open a group room?

Every member of a project room can open a group room within it, provided that the corresponding rubric has been activated. Before you open a group room, you need to create a new group. In the project room, click “Groups” in the rubric bar on the left. Now, click “New entry” in the “Choose action” menu on the top right. An editor window appears. In the text box, overwrite the words “Enter title” by typing in the name of your new group. You can choose this name freely. Select whether others can edit the room or not. Click “Save changes.” If you want, you can enter a description for your group. To do this, click the “Edit” symbol in the “Description” section.

To open a group room for your new group, click the “Edit” symbol in the “Group room” section. Check the box labeled “Activate group room.” Now, click “Save.” Your group room will be created. You can enter the group room by clicking the arrow symbol in the “Group room” section.

You have opened a room within a room. It functions exactly like a project or main room. You can set the same entry restrictions, for instance. 

Tip: The group room function is especially useful in situations where some members of the main room want to share information they do not want the other members to see. This could be the materials and information required for a presentation group.