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How do I message another user?

Use the project rooms to communicate with other CommSy users. Within a room, you can contact any other member or several at once.

Click “User” in the gray tab bar of the room. You will be shown a list of all room members. Check the name of the person(s) whom you want to message. In the drop-down menu under the members list, select “Send email.” If you want to message all members of the room, click “[All].” The system will automatically check all names. Click “Execute action” to confirm.

If you want to email a certain group of members, click “Group” in the gray tab bar. Select “Send email to group” behind the name of the group you wish to contact. You can also send an email to all members of the room at this point.

You will be taken to an editor. Enter a subject line and your message in the corresponding fields. After completing the fields, click “Send.” Your message will be emailed to the selected members.

Note: CommSy uses the email address you have specified in your profile. Make sure to specify an email address that you check regularly. Every page has the gray CommSy bar on top. To open your profile settings, click the link with your name. This link opens a pop-up window where you can change your personal details and settings. You can change your email address in the second tab, “Personal data.” Click the “Save” button at the end of the page to confirm your change.