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How do I delete a project room?

There are two ways to delete a project room.

a) Enter the room you want to delete. Click the tool symbol on the left side of the dark gray rubric bar. You will be taken to the room settings. Click the bottom tab, “Settings.” A menu will open with a red button labeled “Delete.” Enter the word “DELETE” into the text box. Click the “Delete” button to confirm.

b) Delete the room via the portal: Go to the list of rooms on the CommSy portal page. Select the room you wish to delete. You will be taken to the entry page with the door symbol. Click the link “Delete room” on the top right. If you want to delete your room, confirm your action by clicking “Delete” in the dialog box that appears.

Note: Your entire room including all data and entries will be deleted. This process is irreversible! Deleted rooms cannot be reconstructed. When you delete a room, you usually also delete others’ entries.