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How do I create, edit, and delete entries?

The process for creating, editing, and deleting entries is the same in all rubrics.

When you enter your room, you will see an overview of the project room. To add an entry, navigate to the corresponding rubric (e.g.,“Materials”) in the rubric bar on the left. Click “Choose action” in the top right and select “New entry.”

Once you have saved the title of your new entry, you can edit it. This includes adding a description or files. Various additional functions and entries are possible, depending on the rubric in which your new entry is located. If you are adding a new entry under “Materials,” for example, you can enter bibliographical information.

To edit an entry, simply click its rubric (e.g., “Materials”) and select the entry. Move your cursor to the right of the title, description, etc. An edit symbol will appear. Do not forget to save your changes when you are done editing.

To delete an entry, click the entry and navigate to “Chooe action” > “Delete.” A pop-up window will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the selected entry. You can only delete entries that you have created yourself. Only room moderators can delete entries created by others.

Tip: If you want to delete a file that is attached to an entry, you can do so in the edit mode. You do not need to delete the entire entry. See: “How can I delete an uploaded document again?