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How do I change the status of room members (e.g., to a moderator)?

Enter the room for which you want to change a user's status. Click the tool symbol on the bottom left of the dark gray rubric bar and open the “Settings” menu. Navigate to the “User” tab and select the desired status in the “Manage users” action menu. Once you have selected the desired action, check the box next to the name of the user whose status you want to change. You can select several users at the same time. Confirm your changes with the “Execute action” button. To appoint another user a room moderator, select “Change status: moderator.” If you select “Change status: contact person,” the name of the user will be listed as a contact on the entry page of the room (the one with the door).

Tip: You can also use the “User” tab in the room settings to delete, lock, and approve room members or email multiple members at the same time.