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How can I set up a recurring date?

If you want to create an event that takes place regularly, you can set up a recurring date. This way, you do not have to enter each date individually.

First, create a new event (See: “How do I create, edit, and delete entries?”). Enter all information required for the first date of the series, just as you would for a single date.

Note: “Start” and “End” do not refer to the dates of the first and last event in the series. They specify the beginning and end of the first event only! You will add the information for the automatic repetition of the event later (see below).

Example: Starting Monday, 1 April 2018, the ABC seminar will be taking place every Monday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm in room 1234. For this series, enter “ABC seminar” as a title, enter “01.04.2018” and “12:00” as the beginning and “01.04.2018” and “13:00” as the end. 

Note: If some events of the series are held in different locations, use the “Place” box to specify the location where most of them will take place. You can point out any changes to the location in the text box underneath “Description.”

Below the form, you can see a dropdown menu titled “Recurring date.” Use this menu to select the intervals at which the event repeats and, if applicable, a final date.

Note: The options “monthly,” “weekly,” and “every four weeks” are different. A monthly event will be entered on the same date every month, for example: 3 January, 3 February, 3 March, and so on. An event that takes place every four weeks repeats every 28 days (i.e., 4 x 7 days).

You can add text in the “Description” field and upload documents in the “Materials” section, just as before.

Note: Please enter the date in the following format: DD.MM.YYYY (e.g. 01.01.2018), or select it in the calendar.