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How can I find and join an existing project workspace?

On the right-hand side of the CommSy homepage, you will find the field “List of all workspaces.” It contains a search box that allows you to enter one of more terms from the name of the workspace you are looking for. You can also enter the name of the teacher or workspace moderator, which is useful for general events such as introductions.

Now, click “Search.” A list of results will be displayed underneath the search box, under the title “workspace overview.” Click the name of the workspace you want to join. Underneath the workspace title, you can see the description of the workspace It contains a door symbol. If you are not a member of the workspace, the door will be closed. Click the link “Apply for membership” underneath the door.

If the workspace moderator has not set any entry restrictions, you will be taken to the workspace right away. In most cases, however, access to workspaces is restricted. Moderators can choose from two options, one of which you are now encountering:

Option 1—Provision of a reason for membership: A text box will open. Please briefly explain why you are interested in the workspace (reason for participation). After submitting your application, you need to wait for the workspace moderator to admit you manually. You will be notified by email as soon as you can enter the workspace. If you are not admitted within a reasonable period of time, contact the workspace moderator. To do this, click the link “Contact via email” underneath “Contact persons” to the right of the door symbol.

Option 2—Provision of a membership code: You will be asked to enter a membership code. This code is available from the workspace moderator or the person who told you about the workspace. After entering the correct membership code and clicking “Become a member,” you will be taken to the workspace.

Note: The eLearning office and the DLL advice team do not have membership codes for any workspaces. If you need a membership code, you must contact the workspace moderator.