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How can I find a particular document that someone has made available for download on CommSy?

If you are currently in a specific project room or on your own dashboard, use the search field in the CommSy bar (top right). Enter a search term that describes the content you are looking for. The search function applies across rooms. It also searches other rooms. Of course, you will only see results from rooms in which are a member. If you do not find the results you were hoping for with the search term, you might not be a member of the right room (yet). In this case, ask the person who has made the material available for the room name and the membership code (if any).

On the CommSy homepage, navigate to the field labeled “Search for room.” Enter the room title and click “Search.” The system will show you a list of rooms containing the search term. If you are not a member of the right room yet, apply for membership (see: “Room membership”).