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How can I delete my User ID?

Log in with the User ID that is to be deleted, and enter one of your project workspaces. Now click on the CommSy-Bar in the top right on the link with your name. The first tab of the profile window is “profile settings “, and here, next to the “Save preferences” button, you can find the button to “Cancel membership”. If you click on this, the system will ask you if you want to cancel your membership of this workspace only (“Cancel membership in this room”), or if you want to cancel your membership for the entire AGORA portal (“Cancel membership (AGORA-platform)”). If you are sure that you want to delete your User ID for AGORA, confirm this with the button below “Cancel membership”, and your User ID will be deleted.

You can choose between “Cancel membership” and “Delete account”. Your contributions will be kept in either case, unless you manually delete these before cancelling your account. The difference between cancelling and deleting is that if you “delete” your account, then your remaining contributions will remain anonymous.

After deleting your User ID, you will no longer have access to your subscribed workspaces!