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Can I combine two User IDs into one User ID?

If you would like to combine two User IDs into one, then click on your name in the grey CommSy-Bar to take you to your personal profile, where this function is available. From the “profile settings” tab, find the section at the bottom where you can select the “Authentication source” and enter “User ID” and “password”. Please enter here the User ID and password that you would like to merge with the User ID that you are currently logged on with. If you have correctly filled everything in, you can click on “merge”, and from now on you will just have one User ID. Your memberships in project workspaces with both your old and current User ID remain unchanged.

If you have not joined any workspaces with either account, and you have no materials in your personal workspace, then you can simply delete this User ID, see: How can I delete my User ID?