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All of my rooms have disappeared. What do I do?

If your list of rooms is suddenly empty and the rooms you have entered have disappeared, there are two possible reasons.

Option 1—You have logged in to the system with a uni username for the first time instead of using your existing local CommSy username. In this case, please remain logged in and combine your two usernames. Your rooms will be imported. See: “Can I combine two usernames into one?

Option 2—Perhaps you have two identical usernames with two different sources: one uni username as a source and a separate, local CommSy username. It is possible that you have accidentally set up a second local CommSy username with your uni username at some point in the past. If you log in to the system with the “wrong” username, you will be unable to access your rooms. Either delete the unused username or log in with your active username and combine the two.