Personal workspaces

The new CommSy feature ”Personal workspace“ creates a separate area that can only be accessed by the room moderator and a single student. The room moderator can set individual tasks here and then correct them after completion - only visible to the respective students. The room moderator of a project room can enter any person room of the project room; the students, however, can only enter their own personal workspace.

1. Create personal workspaces

There are two possibilities for this:

1. When you create a new project room, the option to activate the feature is offered directly in the usual list of setting options. Please note that this option is only listed once you have selected that the new room is a project room.

2. If you already have a project room for which the feature has to be enabled, you can do so in the room settings of the respective project room. Use the left column to go to the ”Extensions” area. Now place a check mark belowthe menu item ”Personal workspaces” in the box behind ”Activate personal workspaces?”. Scroll down and click ”Save”.

Screenshot "Extended settings" with selection of the function "Create personal workspaces" Fig. 1: Activate personal workspaces in the room settings

If you are the moderator in the project room, you are also the moderator in all the corresponding personal workspaces. The person to whom the personal workspace is assigned by name, therefore is not automatically the moderator of the personal workspace.


2. Enter personal workspaces

Go to the ”Users” rubric. Next to each room member there is an icon for entering the person's personal workspace.

 user overview. Highlighted symbol for entering the personal workspaces. Fig. 1: Icon for entering the personal workspaces

3. Create entries in personal workspaces

You can create entries directly in personal workspaces. But you can also perform a mass action in which an entry is inserted into each personal workspace of the desired project room.



Attention: These instructions assume that your ”My copies“ section is currently empty. Otherwise, make sure that ”My copies“ currently only contains entries that are meant to be transferred to personal workspaces by the mass action.

1. The best way to do this is to create an entry in your personal dashboard. You can access this in the bar at the top.
2. When the entry is saved and ready, click on ”Select action“ and then on ”Copy entry“. Now select the desired entry and confirm the selection with ”Execute action“.
3. Now go to the project room in whose person rooms the entry is to be inserted. Go to the ”Users“ section.
4. Under ”Select action“ select the option ”Copy clipboard to personal workspaces“. Select all users to whom the entry is to be made available and confirm with ”Perform action“.

 Select action - Copy clipboard to personal workspaces Fig. 1: Paste clipboard into personal workspaces

4. Deleting personal workspaces

If a project room is deleted, all associated personal workspaces are automatically deleted as well. Personal workspaces cannot be deleted individually.