e-platform for the Faculty of Humanities



About the concept of AGORA

The main goal of AGORA is to provide collaborative communities such as seminars, courses and project teams with an easy-to-use as well as feature-rich webbased platform.

AGORA engages in the conceptual and technical development of the webbased community system CommSy in order to even better meet the specific needs of users in the Humanities. Ongoing development is driven by our experience gathered during the course of the projects e-Port/NarrPort (e-science) and Gst.Litwiss (blended learning).

Blended learning

One vital part in all Humanities curricula should be collaborative practice in scientific research, analysis, discussion and writing techniques. AGORA stands for blended learning, meaning a webbased infrastructure to support and assist collaborative learning processes in seminars and courses. As such, AGORA adds not only technical benefit, but also makes learning and teaching in a cooperative and communicative way much easier.


Our experience shows that in Humanities-based projects goals, workflows and software requirements often change rapidly. These parameters are subject do discussion and, possibly, revision at any point. Therefore, CSCW-environments in the Humanities context are supposed to be flexible, modular by design and highly interoperable. A neat integration of a great diversity of tools and modules is as important as usability. AGORA supports ongoing development of the CommSy-software further in these respects.